About Us

Education is a very significant part of a person’s life. It is something that determines the entire course and direction of the future. The presence of quality education can make a person’s life, while the absence of it can break a person’s life.

Education is a journey and we at Vedantam International School wish to make this journey an exciting and fulfilling one. Vedantam International School seeks to develop qualities like Humility, Humbleness, Non-Violence, Tolerance, Simplicity, Cleanliness, Self-Control, Self-Realisation, Confidence, Discipline and Empathy in the students. These qualities ensure that they grow into responsible and caring adults of a global society. This can be achieved better through experimental learning. We aim to educate through a holistic approach and enable our students to exploit their potential to the fullest. Our programme seeks to balance physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth with academics. We achieve this through a curriculum that goes beyond academics and incorporates within itself various experiences like studying the environment, leadership training and service to the society, hence making their journey a fulfilling one.